On to the temples! 26.11.2016 Ro

We flew from Bangkok DMK to Cambodia. Getting our visas on arrival was super easy ($32) and, if you have a passport photo it saves you $2, I obviously had my mine but Joe forgot his so had to pay the extra $2. Our transport from the airport was a motorbike which had a cart attached to the back, like a horse would have pulled. No helmets or seat belts just a nice breeze to make you feel more comfortable….


We dumped the bags at hotel and then back in the moto/cart (Tuk Tuk), with our driver Mr Pich, to catch the Angkor Wat temple at sun set. WOW it was just incredible. We wandered around with all the hundreds of other people, but even with the crowds you could see its beauty! It was beautiful blue-sky sunset, when suddenly it began to pour it down. I had a great idea! Stay out in the rain while everyone else ran for cover to get the perfect photo, but I wasn’t the only one, and I literally got soaked in the process.



In the evening we caught a Tuk Tuk into the night market where we found loads of restaurants and stalls to keep us entertained! I bought elephant pants which turned out later didn’t fit, if you know me you will know why!!! Haha! Got an early night to then wake up the next day and go see the temples at sunrise!!


The sunrise was a bit disappointing as it was very cloudy but we had fun playing with shutter speeds on the camera and got some cool photos. We spent the rest of the day looking around temples, because we were there so early we were literally the only people on some of them and it felt like our own little empire.

DSC_0018 2.jpg

DSC_0056 2.jpg




Joe made a friend climbing on the templesdsc_0086




3 thoughts on “On to the temples! 26.11.2016 Ro

  1. Enjoying your blog. Your photos too are amazing. Looking forward to the next chapter in this journey as if you are taking us along too. Best wishes. Marion and Jon (m n d)

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