Night bus and onto the island 28.11.12 Ro

Fully templed out we got a night bus to Sihanoukville at the south of Cambodia then a short boat ride to Koh Rong Sanloem.

When we arrived on the island we were told it was a 30min walk to our place on the other side of the island… it was in fact a hour long walk through the jungle, I split my elephant pants and got bitten all over the tops of my legs… it was so hot and each of us carrying 2 heavy bags along a very uneven and steep path, was just not fun! We are laughing at it now but it was awful and we later found out that the jungle has snakes in it, not just any snakes… King Cobras!!



Our place was basic but the beach was idyllic and we had a beautiful view of the sunset, a nice place to chill and our very own Gecko to ward off evil spirits.


On our return to the other side of the island we decided to get a boat because we just couldn’t face another walk back through the snake jungle! How bad could it be we thought… 2 mins in to our journey the captain told everyone to put their lifejackets on, it was a little wavy but nothing serious and then we turned out of the gentle cove and out into the open water We were on a small boat with waves that just felt humungous, poor Joe had his head out the side of the boat for the most part, even other people were commenting on how bad he looked. We finally get to the other side of the island and they let us off but then the boat goes back out to sea with our big bags, I thought they were gone for good! It’s now getting dark we finally have our bags and need a place to sleep so stumble across a nice looking beach hut where the pictures looked good but it was probably the worst night sleep with high winds whistling through our tiny ramshackle shed everything was covered in black dust and we couldn’t sleep. All part of the experience I tell myself…

The following day we decide to get up early and get the first boat outta there at 10am. Due to bad weather we didn’t make it back to the mainland until 13:30 when it should have been a 30 min boat ride, again Joe had his head in a plastic bag the whole journey and a few people around us were also doing the same. I am laughing as I am writing this because it was just comical everyone being sick at the same time.

Back safely on dry land we check into a nice hotel, get our washing done, and have a chilled eve to regroup. I now feel ready to get back into being a traveller again with fresh washing and a full tummy from the breakfast buffet!


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