Wat Leu and the horrors of Phnom Penh 04.12.16 Joe

Feeling very refreshed from the nice hotel and with our clean clothes we explored Sihanoukville for our last day there before heading back to Phnom Penh.

As there really isn’t much other to do in Sihanoukville other than drink and eat we found a temple up on the hill about 45 minutes away. After risking life and limb to get over the roads we finally reached the bottom of the hill with no site of other tourists or pathway we pressed on. In the heat the climb got harder and harder and the traffic closer and closer. Reaching the summit through a few shacks on the sides of the road we were greeted by Wat Leu temple, which was well worth the arduous journey. A few monks were going about their daily business and it felt so good to be away from the noise of the town. We found a great area to take pictures uninterrupted by anyone else.



The journey back was just as hairy with cars, mopeds, Tuk Tuk and so many cows all over the road but we made it and celebrated the fact we were still alive with an ice coffee and sat next to the aircon machine, in a lovely little cafe.


The next day we headed back to Phnom Penh to continue our way across Cambodia. We stayed in an Airbnb as we had a few days until our visa started in Vietnam. We had our own large terrace and the host Will was really welcoming, we did however make the terrible mistake of not getting a room with air con and by night we must’ve sweat of a few kilos.

The first day of exploring we found a Tuk Tuk man to take us to Choeung Ek otherwise known as one of the many killing fields of the Khymer Rouge.

It’s hard to believe that so many people died in this place but you are soon reminded by small bits of bone that litter the mass graves as well as the stupa of skulls built as a memorial to the many that were murdered here. Stories told on the audio guide recreates a lot of what was destroyed soon after the Vietnamese liberated Phnom Penh and found this disturbing place.


As we had a few days in Phnom Penh we did S21 prison the following day. We chose to break them up and made some time to chill and finish some books.


The stickiest, sweatiest room became too much and we checked into a much nicer place with a rooftop pool, gym, and the almighty air con! There was no need to leave so we stayed put and made the most of our Hotel. I’d say 2 days is enough in Phnom Penh but spread out Cheoung Ek and S21 unless you want to be super depressed all at once.

We have enjoyed Cambodia and it’s lovely people but we’re really looking forward to Vietnam as we’ve heard so many great things. Good night Cambodia!


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