Surf’s Up! 11.12.16 Ro

Having loved our first experiences of Vietnam in Ho Chi Minh we couldn’t wait to get going to see some more of it!

We flew to Danang, decided to have one night there and then catch the bus down to Hoi An the next day. Our night in Danang was uneventful and rainy so the next day we got up early and went surfing, which was so much fun and super cheap.


The surf was good and we didn’t have to paddle much to catch a wave but there was a very strong rip current so if we stood up we were quickly dragged in a different direction. Hopefully we can get better by the time we arrive in Oz.

As in most countries taxi drivers will often try to rip off tourists and Vietnam was no exception with our taxi driver trying to take us to all the way to Hoi an instead of dropping us at the, much cheaper, bus station. The bus was a fun experience with the craziest ticket lady, she was brutal! Not allowing the bus to stop for one second and throwing people off the bus or chucking packages out of the door. Being told to sit down Joe sat crumpled into the tiniest of seats as we endured the short journey to Hoi an.

Because of a looming 27th birthday we had the pleasure of checking into a very nice hotel courtesy of Mr & Mrs Cranfield. It was the luxury that we just weren’t used to!


After unpacking all our dirtiest clothing we saw the price for the laundry service and like they say you can take the girl out of travelling but you can’t take the traveller out of the girl! A minute away we found a sweet old lady and paid the grand total of £2! The evening was warm and dry and Hoi An felt magical at night. We strolled down to the river for cocktails and dinner there. It felt like such a special place to be spending my birthday.


The rest of our time there was not as lovely, it was torrential, non-stop rain for the most part! Meaning the river and streets were flooded so we ran to tailor shops to get a few things made but mainly took refuge in bars and consoled ourselves with beers.

The day for leaving Hoi An came and we were so excited to leave and go somewhere that wasn’t raining. Before I left work back home my lovely boss Emma had told me of a time she was travelling with her now husband and they were on the worst bus over to Vietnam from Cambodia and she had to sit on a plank of wood the whole time, and at the time it isn’t funny, then when you look back it’s one of your most memorable memories …. well I think this is where our version of that type story began.

We wake up in the hostel, check out the internal window and yep can still hear the sound of rain. Oh well can’t be that bad. Go down to breakfast on the ground floor and there’s a boat in the road carrying people’s luggage. How are we going to get out of here? Swim?



We check out and wade our way up the street to dry land and get in what we thought was our pre booked mini bus only to find out halfway through the journey he was not and wanted money. After Joe getting quite aggressive and mentioning the police for him to understand we were swiftly returned and found our correct minibus waiting for us.

Finally get the right mini bus and to train station, Joe goes off to collect our ticket for our train in an hour and a half. He comes back with money. Our train has been cancelled with no explanation! Wet and tired of everything going wrong we sit in the station and use the surprisingly good free wifi and come to the conclusion the best option is to just get the next train in 5 hours time. Except all the beds are taken and we have to buy the HARD seats. How bad can it be? It’s only 17 hours, and we are just desperate to get back to the trip where we can make everyone jealous with our tans and beach pictures! The seats were upright and not big enough for two people but there we were all squished in for the long haul, never again! Needless to say not many photos of this journey where taken but this one was and hopefully it can show how comfortable it was.



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